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Julia is a qualified acupuncturist in London.  She has worked in NHS clinics and now private practice for over 25 years.  Julia welcomes adult and child patients to her clinic in Tooting.

Acupuncture offers you a natural way to feel healthy and well.  People choose acupuncture treatment to get help for a range of problems including pain relief, anxiety & stress, insomnia, migraines, digestive issues, sports injuries, womens' health, fertility and pregnancy support.

The World Health Organisation (WHO) lists over 100 diseases / conditions where acupuncture has been tested in controlled clinical trials and found to be effective.


You may have concerns about staying well during the Coronavirus (Covid-19) pandemic and beyond.  Contact Julia to find out about how acupuncture can help you feel more positive, relaxed and revitalised.  Feel stronger and more able to address your health problems.  A new TeleHealth option is now available as well as clinic appointments.

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