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Fertility for Women


Acupuncture is often recommended to support women trying to conceive, carry and give birth to a healthy baby.  Julia will create a specialised plan based upon your past and presenting reproductive health.  We work together to try and make chances better.

Women may come for fertility support as part of pre-conception planning which encourages a three-month period of acupuncture alongside attention to diet and lifestyle factors.

Acupuncture supports women trying to conceive naturally, with a history of miscarriage or with assisted conception programmes such as ICSI or IVF.  This focus helps to prepare you both physically and emotionally, supports drug protocols, encourages pelvic blood flow and managing stress levels.  Stand-alone treatments are also available on the day of embryo transfer.

Julia is a founder member of ACT London which is concerned with all aspects of fertility, pregnancy and childbirth.  

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